David Cassidy Reveals He is Suffering from Dementia

I had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch with and speak with David Cassidy on the phone a number of times. This is sad news as he now has to deal with memory loss. However it is a good reminder for us to make sure we plan for a successful retirement before we retire, This includes a plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. Affordable Long Term Care insurance will safeguard your 401(k), IRA, 403(b) and other savings from high costs of extended health-care. Time to act is now.

Read the story on David Cassidy here on LTC Planning News: http://www.longtermcareplanningnews.com/articles/david-cassidy-reveals-he-is-suffering-from-dementia

I deal with many claims due to memory loss. In addition, I speak with many families looking for long-term care insurance AFTER a family member becomes diagnosed. At that point it is too late. The tremendous disappointment I hear is sad as they now know they have to deal with the situation all my themselves. This is why a successful future retirement needs to include affordable LTC insurance.

Be sure to act before you retire and protect your assets and future retirement income from the high costs and burdens that come with long-term care. LTC insurance is easy and affordable … but act when you are younger and healthy so you have the best options.