Making a Transition to Senior Living Involves the Entire Family

Making a Transition to Senior Living Involves the Entire Family

Published: Dec 7th, 2020

Transitions are part of life. There will always be that part of your journey when you would decide to go the other way. These are the specific moments of life that are both exciting and overwhelming. Whether it is Mom or Dad, or yourself at some point, there is a level of excitement that can be part of the changes that come ahead. 

Moving to senior living is one of the decisions we all may face as we get older. We have to consider this as a significant change and a milestone. This change can be a positive transformation in life where you or a loved one can choose to be in a perfect community for your passions and needs. 

You, or your older family member, should not be overwhelmed with the new living environment. Many people feel excited about the new things that you will experience. Here are some tips the family to consider to help make moving to senior living easier and manageable. 

Focusing on the Positives

It is easy to feel uneasy when a new thing confronts you. But the best thing for everyone to do is to focus on the positives. There are a lot of good things that will come moving into senior living. There are new people, new environment, and it can be more comfortable.

For the person moving into senior living, they can maintain a level of control and independence. The family enjoys peace-of-mind, knowing their loved one is in a safe environment.

These are just a few of the advantages that come with moving into a senior living community. There are several other positives for the whole family when the decision is made to make a move. 

Many Living Choices are Available

If you are not sure about your choices in front of you, it is always good to ask. There are countless retirement communities, no matter where you live. Catholic retirement communities are just among the many available senior living communities that you will find near you. Whether you want a faith-based community or not, you have choices.

Often families get together to review the available options and locations. Be sure to seek as much information as you can about your options. You can ask to interview residents and staff. This investigation can be a positive experience.

Understandably, moving is not that easy, especially if you or your loved one has lived in their current home for quite some time. Start the research with basic information. Then narrow down and review the details one by one. Nobody needs to be overwhelmed with the process. There is usually no rush in deciding.

Focus on the Positives | Bring in Outside Help | Start Small | Prepare for Downsizing | Pack with Confidence | Don't Rush | Request Floor Plans | Be Realistic

We have Stuff – Sometimes We Collect Junk

No matter the age, over time, we collect stuff. One concern anyone has in moving is what to do with the material possessions accumulated over the years. Months before moving, the sorting process should start. Start with getting rid of the stuff that nobody wants. You can donate many of the items, and some items you will find are best for the trash.

Some companies will come to your home and take your junk away. They do the labor and can be very cost-effective. Otherwise, you can sort "stuff" by making it a family affair with the younger family members doing the labor of picking up and moving to trash or charity.

Decide which items are important and what is not essential. Family members may want some of the items, so everyone should be involved. The family can even sell some things. It is all up to you. Just make sure to prepare for downsizing months before you move. This way, it would be easier for everyone to embrace changes. 

Some Communities are Pet Friendly

Some seniors are reluctant to move because they are thinking of other factors that are creating hesitation. For example, pets are important to many people, and you can move into a senior living community with a pet as many are pet friendly. There is no reason for stress.

By addressing worries and concerns in advance, it becomes easier to pack with confidence. It is best not to make a sudden move but to give everyone time to prepare for this life transition. 

Start the process by researching, asking people, and weighing options. After that, spend some more time trying to determine the specific changes that will happen. You do not pack immediately. The decision-making process may take months, and the finalization of the action would also take months. This way, it will not be overwhelming for both the person loving and their family. 

Floor plans are also an essential part of your research when you are investigating retirement homes. It would be better if you know precisely how each facility can be beneficial. Many senior living facilities have several activities and facilities for all sorts of hobbies and fitness needs. Not every community offers the same benefits, so compare to find the best match. Checking all these details will give you a better view of available options. 

When setting your expectations, you have to be realistic. This way, no one will feel disappointed. There is no such thing as perfect; however, you will be able to find a community that feels like home and offers peace-of-mind for the family.

What About Long-Term Health Care?

Another concern with aging is the need for long-term health care. Some communities are connected to assisted living facilities. The cost of assisted living is much more expensive. While in-home care is always available, there is a cost for such care as well. 

These costs are paid out-of-pocket unless the person owns a Long-Term Care Insurance policy. These affordable policies are typically purchased in your 50s as part of retirement planning. Since LTC Insurance is medically underwritten, you can't wait until you need the care to purchase a policy. 

If your loved one is already over 75 obtaining a policy may not be possible. While most people purchase Long-Term Care Insurance in their 50s, you can obtain affordable coverage in your 60s if you enjoy good health.

The best idea is to make sure you obtain coverage sooner than later. You can research available insurance companies that offer Long-Term Care Insurance by clicking here.

Other research tools are available by clicking here.

Planning and preparation are essential for everyone in the family. You want to avoid a family crisis since decision making in a crisis may not always be the best decision. The financial costs and burdens of aging will impact all of us. 

As we get older we see changes that affect our health, bodies, and minds. Prepare your family and finances before a crisis arrives. Everyone will enjoy a better quality of life and peace-of-mind.

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