Three Great Hobbies Ideas for Seniors This Winter

Three Great Hobbies Ideas for Seniors This Winter

Published: Dec 18th, 2020

If you are a senior or have a loved one who is, staying busy and active can be challenging, especially during the winter. The right hobby can help maintain physical and emotional well-being.

Yes, this winter season may be lonely. For older people, loneliness is compounded because it is always more challenging to stay active during the winter months. Add the problem of COVID-19 and social isolation; staying active is key to emotional health and physical health. However, finding the right things to do will be beneficial despite these challenges.

The winter months will inevitably be a dreary time for lots of people. No one can do their normal holiday traditions. Even activities like ice skating or caroling, due to COVID-19 restrictions, will be difficult, if not impossible. 

Yet, this winter might be loneliest for seniors who have limited or no interaction with people. So, now might be the best time to learn a new skill and positively pass the time. Here are three of the best hobbies for seniors to try this winter to keep themselves occupied.


Knitting is making a comeback. People are constantly posting the scarves and sweaters they have knitted on social media. Luckily, seniors can get in the game, too. Any senior looking for an activity ought to think about knitting their loved ones some holiday gifts. Plus there are always birthdays and other reasons to give gifts to friends and family. For many people, the gifts become even more impressive when the giver makes them. Not only will everyone appreciate it, but maybe the grandkids can post it on their social media (although many seniors today have their own social media accounts).

Collect Antiques  

Seniors who aren’t into knitting or have physical limitations ought to think about collecting antiques this winter. Again, the internet will come in handy here. Since no one can visit an antique dealer right now, people should try to set up virtual appointments to view the artifacts they want to add to their collections. People should know how to determine the value of antique silver beforehand so that they’re certain no one’s trying to rip them off.


It can be hard to get into a reading mood. However, reading is one of the best hobbies for seniors to pick up this winter because it is relaxing and cozy. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the fire and enjoying a good book. In addition, reading is perfect because it can also be a social thing. Perhaps seniors can create a reading club with their friends and families so that they can discuss plot points on Zoom. It will be amazing.

Yes, this winter will be different from past seasons. Yet, seniors don’t have to let their loneliness sink in. Instead, they can pick up one of these interesting hobbies to pass the time while staying safe indoors.

If you are a senior, take advantage of these or other hobbies. If you have an older family member, be sure to encourage them to take up a hobby or two. The use of social media and internet programs like Zoom can help with social interaction as well.

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