Ways to Restore Your Hair Health and Youth Today

Ways to Restore Your Hair Health and Youth Today

Published: Jun 26th, 2021

As you get into middle age, things in your body start changing. You can’t just pull all-nighters at work like you used to or go out for the night with your friends and recover in a single weekend. 

Of course, your overall health isn’t the only thing that suffers. So does your skin, hair, and nails. It is not unusual or vain to think about the state of your hair. Several basic dos and don’ts can go a long way in helping your hair look soft, shiny, and healthy well into your 40s. 

Don’t Style Your Hair Too Often 

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Styling your hair can seem like the easy, foolproof way to make sure you have a good hair day almost daily, but what about what it actually does to your hair? Styling your hair with heat and chemical treatments is probably the fastest way to cause some severe damage.

Straightening or curling them robs your hair of moisture, damages its natural structure, turns them frizzy and hard to manage. The best thing you can do for your hair is to stop styling it regularly or avoid it altogether. 

If you absolutely must do it, invest in some argan oil to put in your hair before using the hair straightener. Argan oil or any other heat protection serum can minimize damage and protect your hair while you subject it to the hot iron. 

Focus On Your Diet 

Your hair isn’t just magically there. It grows from your scalp and feeds on the nutrients in your body. The better your diet, the healthier your hair. If you do not have the time to invest in your diet or to prepare home-cooked meals, you can also take hair supplements and vitamins to better your hair health. 

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Many busy people also take the weekends to prep all their meals for the rest of the week. This way, they don’t have to take time off work to prepare their meals and don’t end up ordering unhealthy fast food when they’re too tired. 

De-stress Often 

Stress and fatigue are both the leading causes of hair fall and poor hair health. Getting away from a stressful environment can noticeably help your hair health, which is why so much importance is placed on taking breaks and taking time off work, especially once you approach your older years. 

Being in a stressful environment forces your body to be in “fight or flight” mode over long intervals of time. The hormones your body releases are great if you really need an extra rush of energy, but not so much when you’re just sitting at your office desk and worried about whether you’ll make your next deadline or not. 

Use Essential Oils 

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Nature really is your best friend, and there's nothing better than essential oils taken straight from there when it comes to taking care of your hair's health. Every kind of essential oil out there has its own benefits, and regular massages with these hair oils can make your hair healthy, thick, and shiny. 

Many stores online sell essential oils for your hair, but it's important only to buy them from reputable shops to avoid ill effects. At the end of the day, all your hair really needs is moisture, the proper nutrients, and lots of love to thrive and look its best. 

Health Problems Can Adversely Impact Hair

Several health problems can cause issues with your hair and even hair loss. In fact, your hair could be one of the first signs you have a health problem that should require medical attention. 

Your doctor can help you determine if a health condition is related to your hair problem. However, we can take steps to enjoy healthy hair with normal aging.

Hair Health and Cost of Hair Styling

The use of harsh shampoos, treatments, styling products, and excessive brushing contribute the most to poor hair health. The hair roots are usually the healthiest as the hair has not been subjected to harsh brushing, chemical treatments, or heat styling.

Better quality salons will use better products to improve your hair's health. The cost will be higher for better quality products. The costs of hairstyling vary depending on several factors. A men's haircut is usually much less than a woman's cut. Women, in general, pay more for hair than men do.

Often black women are charged more for hairstyling than white women. The reason given by hair professionals is styling natural hair was "harder" and required a special skill set. This site will help black women judge the cost of hair - AfroLovely: Black Hair Blog.

Aging Hair and Professional Hair Stylists

Professional hair stylists will also notice changes in your hair health. Using experienced professionals will not only help you 'look better,' but they will help you maintain better hair health as well.

Your age will also impact your hair and hair health. Older people should avoid Excessive heat styling. While heat styling can damage any hair, it can be particularly damaging for seniors due to the nature of aging hair. 

Older adults should avoid the overuse of blow dryers, straightening irons, curling wands, and other heat styling tools whenever possible.


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