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Matt McCann – Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions

Matt McCann is recognized as one of the nation’s leading Long-Term Health Care (LTC) specialists and a nationally known speaker on long-term health care issues.

Since 1998, Matt has been a leader in finding solutions for the physical, emotional, and financial burdens long-term care places on the American Family and has been recognized by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance as one of the top specialists in the country.

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Who Needs Long-Term Care?

With the advances in medical science, we all are living longer. People require long-term care due to illness, accident, or the impact of aging. As you get older you face a bigger risk of needing physical help with everyday living activities and even supervision due to cognitive decline. However, the need for extended care happens at all ages.

Why Long-Term Care Insurance?

The financial costs and burdens of aging will impact you, your family, your savings, and your lifestyle. A successful future or current retirement should include a plan to safeguard your income and assets as it eases the burden long-term care places on family. The consequences are tremendous, but affordable LTC insurance will give you and your family peace-of-mind.

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Cost of Long-Term Care Calculator

View the costs of long-term care in your area. Use the slider below to view the current and future costs of care services. Find your location to get even more accurate costs where you live.

National Median
Long-Term Care 2020 2035(+16 Years) 2020 2035(+16 Years)
Homemaker Services $4,248 $6,817(+$33,751) $5,259 $8,440(+$41,786)
Home Health Aide $4,450 $7,141(+$35,358) $5,462 $8,764(+$43,394)
Adult Day Care $1,655 $2,656(+$13,150) $2,420 $3,883(+$19,228)
Assisted Living Facility $4,244 $6,810(+$33,717) $6,684 $10,725(+$53,104)
Semi-Private Room $7,895 $12,669(+$62,725) $31,075 $49,866(+$246,902)
Private Room $8,874 $14,240(+$70,507) $29,252 $46,941(+$232,416)
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We Work with All the Top Companies

There are very few specialists with the knowledge and expertise in policy design, underwriting, features and benefits, tax incentives, state partnership programs, and claims experience. Very few people are endorsed by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance

The most affordable and popular type of long-term care insurance. These plans can be partnership certified.

Hybrid or Asset Based Policies

These plans include a death benefit. You can leverage an existing asset to plan for future long-term care expenses.

Short-Term or Critical Care Insurance

These are more limited plans that are ideal for individuals who may have some health challenges or who are older.

Memo From Matt

We see an ever-increasing demand for long-term health care services throughout the country. The risk of needing care increases with age but is no longer limited to the elderly.

I help people plan for the costs and burdens that come with changing health and longevity. For many families, affordable Long-Term Care Insurance is the solution.

Now, working with one of the nation's largest home health agencies, Amanda Senior Care, we can arrange for free Long-Term Care Insurance claims processing and care coordination. No cost or obligation. You can get assistance even if they do not have a location near you. If you have a loved one who has a policy and needs care - don't delay. Use the benefits they have in force.

If a loved one does not have an LTC policy, you can still get help, resources, and quality care. Learn more now by clicking here.

Matt Mccann

Matt McCann - Nationally Known Expert on Long-Term Care Planning

Matt McCann is one of the top-ranked long-term care planning specialists in the country. He is also known as an effective public speaker on the subject. Matt’s unique experience in long-term care planning is in demand, whether speaking to groups or appearing on radio and TV programs.

Before dedicating his life to long-term care planning, Matt was a well-known radio station manager and personality. He worked at radio stations throughout the country, including Chicago, San Antonio, Lexington, Des Moines, Champaign, and Carbondale. He may be best known as legendary Chicago radio personality Larry Lujack’s co-host when Lujack came back out of retirement years ago.

Matt McCann is one of only a handful of specialists nationwide endorsed by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, a national consumer advocacy and education group, AALTCI's mission is to educate consumers on the need for planning and provide them with the facts necessary to help them make an educated decision.

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Thanks Matt for all your help! It was easy getting me a policy, but a little difficult finding one for my husband, but you came through with a decent policy and premium. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for LTC coverage.

Lucy SilsbyNorth Berwick, ME

My corporation offered LTC insurance, so I jumped on the bandwagon only to find out that the underwriting company was poorly graded by the industry and very expensive. I cancelled it and found Matt McCann online. Matt made it incredibly easy to find quality LTC insurance and at an affordable price. His knowledge was priceless. Thank you Matt.

Jerry & Stacy Crystal Lake, IL

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