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Comparing Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care

There are differences between the policy language and benefits between companies that offer Long-Term Care Insurance although the major benefit options are similar. However key differences do exist. It is important to know and understand the differences between Mutual of Omaha and other major companies.

For example, Mutual of Omaha has two different series of policies. “Custom Solution” is one which is used most often by long-term care specialists and “Secure Solution” is a product used often by general insurance agents and financial advisors who often lack understanding of long-term care planning.

Mutual of Omaha offers a wide variety of inflation options which make it very flexible. They are a top rated and respected mutual insurance company and is considered the leader in the industry.

Features available with Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care include:

  • Partnership
  • Cash Alternative
  • Shared Care Benefit
  • Professional Home Care Benefit – Doubling benefit for skilled services at home
  • Bed Reservation Benefit
  • Case Management
  • Additional money to pay for home modifications and medical alerts systems
  • Return of Premium at Death – prior to age 65
  • Return of Premium at Death – minus long-term care claims paid
  • Monthly Benefits from $1500 to $10,000
  • Benefit pools from $50,000 to $500,000
  • Joint Waiver of Premium
  • Elimination Periods of 0, 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days
  • Survivorship Benefit
  • Security Benefit for Uninsurable Spouse/Partner
  • Inflation options from 1 to 5% compound in quarter of a percentage increments

“Custom Solution” has an inflation “buy-up” option. This gives the policyholder an option to increase their inflation benefit without evidence of insurability as long as the policyholder is not on claim.

Mutual of Omaha, like many companies, offer partnership benefits. Learn more about the federal/state partnership program here:

A policyholder can receive benefits in the United States and U.S. territories, Canada, the United Kingdom and up to one year in any other foreign country.

Companies have significant premium differences. Premiums are based on the amount of benefits you wish to have along with your AGE, HEALTH and specific discounts you might qualify for.

Underwriting criteria – which health conditions you have today that might be insurable will vary between companies. Matt McCann understands the underwriting guidelines for Mutual of Omaha and all the major companies in order to match you with the best and most affordable option.

Discover the differences and compare. Matt, with his years of experience (since 1998) will help you determine if coverage is suitable for you if your health qualifies for coverage and then recommend appropriate benefits and options.

Features, benefits and additional options can vary from company to company. Some options like shared care benefits are options Matt McCann recommends often and other options might not be in your best interest. Substantial premium differences exist between this plan and others. This is why you should seek the assistance of a qualified Long-Term Care Specialist to compare features, benefits, and costs.

As a nationally recognized Long-Term Care specialist, Matt McCann works with all the major companies in the industry and can compare features and benefits as well as the costs between the plans. Plus, his claims assistance can help you design an appropriate plan which fits your needs and budget.


Long-Term Care Insurance is custom designed specific to you. Matt’s general philosophy is to design an affordable plan with the best company available (based on your current age and health) so you can take a catastrophic situation and make it manageable. The idea: Safeguard your retirement funds (401(k) IRA 403(b) while reducing the tremendous burdens that are placed on your family when you have an aging or health issue and need extended care.

State variations may apply.

Long-Term Care Insurance is Easy and Affordable Asset Protection. Most people are surprised how affordable a plan can be especially if you obtain coverage before you retire when you are in good health.