Louisiana Long-Term Care

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The State of Louisiana has joined most states in the federal/state long-term care partnership program to help its residents protect their hard-earned assets from the high costs of long-term health care. The program, approved by state law and authorized by the federal Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) of 2005, offers individuals a way to protect their assets in the event they exhaust the benefits in their qualified long-term care insurance policy. This allows the person to access long-term care Medicaid services without the normal spend-down requirements. The initiative encourages citizens to partner with the state-based program as they purchase qualified private long-term care insurance policies.

The Louisiana Long-Term Care Partnership Program provides asset disregard equal to the total amount of benefits paid by a LTC insurance policy. For example, if your policy paid $275,000 in benefits, the state will disregard that amount from the required spend-down. A single person must spend-down to $2000 in total assets to normally qualify for Medicaid’s long-term care benefits. If the person had $300,000 in assets they would have to spend $298,000. However, if that person’s policy paid $275,000 before it was exhausted and the individual still needed long-term care, the state would ignore that $275,000. The spend-down would only be $23,000 (300,000- 277,000 [275,000 paid in benefits, + the 2000 Medicaid allows]). This protects your estate from total spend-down.

Long-Term Care Medicaid spend down is $2000. A spouse’s minimum asset allowance is $123,600. 

Louisiana offers a state tax credit if you have a long-term care insurance policy. The credit is against the individual income tax for amounts paid as premiums for eligible LTC insurance. The amount of the credit shall be equal to 10% of the total amount of premiums paid annually by each individual claiming the credit and must meet the specified qualification requirements.

Most states have reciprocity with other states' long-term-care partnership programs including Louisiana. This means if you move from or to Louisiana your partnership asset protection follows you as well.

A variety of products are approved in Louisiana for Long-Term Care planning.

Louisiana Long-Term Care Costs

Home Health Aide Average Monthly Rate $3,051
Homemaker Services Average Monthly Rate $3,051
Adult Day Care Average Monthly Rate $1,365
Assisted Living Average Monthly Cost $3,550
Skilled Nursing Home Semi-Private Monthly $5,232
Skilled Nursing Home Private Average Monthly $5,542