Missouri Long-Term Care

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The State of Missouri participates in the long-term care partnership program which was authorized under federal law to provide the states and their citizens the ability to protect assets from the high costs of long-term care. A Missouri Long-Term Care Partnership policy makes it easier to qualify for Medicaid if you have exhausted the benefits of your long-term care insurance policy.

States are empowered to develop partnerships using the “dollar for dollar” model. For every dollar that a long-term care partnership insurance policy pays out in benefits, a dollar of personal assets can be protected from Medicaid spend down requirements. In other words, if your long-term care partnership policy paid out $200,000 for your long-term care, an additional $200,000 of your assets would be disregarded when determining your Medicaid eligibility. This is referred to as “asset disregard”. Even a small LTC policy, if partnership qualified, can provide substantial asset protection in the event a consumer exhausts all the money from their LTC partnership policy.

Long-Term Care Medicaid spend down is $1000. A spouse’s minimum asset allowance is $24,720.

Most states have reciprocity with other states' long-term care partnership programs, including Missouri.  This means if you move from or to Missouri your partnership asset protection follows you as well.

There are tax benefits available if you have a qualified long-term care insurance policy in place. A resident individual may deduct from each individual’s Missouri taxable income an amount equal to 100% of all non-reimbursed amounts paid by such individuals for qualified LTC insurance premiums to the extent such amounts are not included in the individual’s itemized deductions. A married individual filing a Missouri income tax return separately from his or her spouse shall be allowed to make a deduction pursuant to this section in an amount equal to the proportion of such individual’s payment of all qualified LTC insurance premiums. The director of the department of revenue shall place a line on all Missouri individual income tax returns for the deduction created by this section.

A variety of products are approved in Missouri for Long-Term Care planning.

Missouri Long-Term Care Costs

Home Health Aide Average Monthly Rate $4,004
Homemaker Services Average Monthly Rate $3,813
Adult Day Care Average Monthly Rate $1,820
Assisted Living Average Monthly Cost $2,844
Skilled Nursing Home Semi-Private Monthly $5,019
Skilled Nursing Home Private Average Monthly $5,543