Bed Reservations Benefit

Quick Description

A bed reservation benefit in Long-Term Care Insurance allows you to keep your room or bed in a care facility during temporary leaves. This prevents extra charges or unavailability for a limited number of days. 

Full Description

A bed reservation benefit is a Long-Term Care Insurance policy feature that allows you to reserve your room or bed (usually in an assisted living facility, memory care facility, or nursing home) if you need to leave the facility for any reason. 

The most common reason people leave a facility is to go to a hospital or rehab facility. Often, these are short-term stays. 

Without the bed reservation benefit, the facility may charge you for the room while you're away. In some cases, you may find the room or bed completely unavailable when you're ready to move back in. 

A bed reservation benefit prevents you from paying for or losing a room or bed while away. Depending on the policy language, there is a limit on how many days you can reserve your bed.