Custodial Care

Quick Description

Custodial care involves help with activities of daily living or other personal care needs. This care is typically non-medical. The need for custodial care usually arises due to illness, disability, accident, or age.

Full Description

Custodial care is an essential part of long-term care. It's what separates long-term care from health care. This is because custodial care is generally non-medical

Custodial care centers around help with personal care needs. These needs can include activities of daily living like eating or bathing. It can also include supervision for cognitive impairment. 

Custodial care can mean physically helping an individual or being on standby to make sure they're okay. Other aspects of custodial care include meal prep, help with medications, and light housekeeping tasks. 

Individuals can get custodial care in many settings. Long-term care facilities, community centers, and home care agencies offer this care.