Are All Long-Term Care Insurance Policies the Same?

Every insurance company must file its products and pricing with each state's insurance department before being allowed to market its product. No individual agent, agency, or advisor can offer special deals with Long-Term Care Insurance.

Federal regulations offer essential consumer protections and uniformity between plans, including the triggers required to receive benefits. There are key differences, however. These differences include:

  1. Pricing: Premiums can vary over 100% between insurance companies for the same benefits.
  2. Underwriting: Each insurance company has its own underwriting standards, and those rules can vary between insurance companies. 
  3. Available Options: There are various options, known as 'riders,' that are available to add to a policy. Many of these options are common between companies. Still, each company may have unique features and options unavailable with other companies. 

What is not the same is the insurance agents or financial advisors that offer these products. There are very few Long-Term Care Insurance specialists nationwide that focus their attention on long-term health care solutions.

Many inexperienced financial advisors and insurance agents typically do not grasp underwriting, policy design, the partnership program, and claims.

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