When Is the Best Time to Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-Term Care Insurance is medically underwritten, so you need reasonably good health to qualify for coverage. Most people obtain coverage in their 50s.

Planning for the costs and burdens of aging and declining health has become a vital part of retirement planning. Premiums are based, in part, on the age you are when you obtain coverage, your health, your family history, and the amount of coverage within your policy.

While some companies will consider new coverage for those in their 70s, the ideal time is before you retire. The younger you are, the lower the premiums will be - and premiums are generally intended to remain level for the life of the policy.

While you might pay for more years if you purchase a policy when you are in your 50s, you will usually pay less over the lifetime of your policy. The most significant concern is your eligibility for coverage. 

Every insurance company has its own guidelines for underwriting. Your good health gives you the ability to address the high costs of long-term health care so you can safeguard income and assets and reduce the stress otherwise placed on your family. 

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